Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who's driving this bus?

An article about the North Salt Lake City Mayor's race in the Salt Lake Tribune got me to thinking about something that I think we struggle with in Woods Cross as well.
In the article, Mayoral candidate, Lynn Ballard maintains that "City Manager Collin Wood has failed to provide the council with all the facts needed to make decisions." I know that City Managers can influence a council greatly. I saw it when I was on the council. I know that when I was on the council, I would get extreme push back from Gary Uresk anytime I questioned what he was doing.
I have worked in various companies in my professional career and at each of those places, I had to give a full accounting to my boss as to what I was accomplishing. If my boss questioned me about certain aspects, I didn't get defensive and say things like "Do you feel like I'm not doing my job?" I understood that it was my boss who would have to answer to upper management for the things I had been doing.
Now let's look at this from a city vantage point. I think sometimes, Gary Uresk thinks he is "upper management." There was a time,
while I was on the council, where somebody left city employment. I questioned Gary about this and he got very defensive acting as if I felt he wasn't doing his job. I believe that all City Managers that are employed by cities with the same government structure as Woods Cross need to remember that they are not "upper management." The voters are "upper management." The voters elect council members who then select a City Manager. I never remember doing a employee review of Gary Uresk in the four years I was on the council. I know at my current place of employment, every employee has a employee review at least annually. The City Council is in charge of hiring and firing the City Manager, why then should the City Council not have a employee review with that City Manager, at least annually?

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