Monday, October 29, 2007

Woods Cross Elementary School Principal convinced me to vote FOR vouchers

The Woods Cross Elementary School Principal, Richard Baird, has convinced me to vote for Utah's Referendum 1. That's right folks, a public school principal has convinced me that I should vote for private school vouchers. No, he didn't tell me that this is what I should do, rather, his actions have convinced me that there needs to be a change.

I have heard of numerous occasions when parents have complained to Mr. Baird about various problems that they are having with their child's education. Isn't parent involvement what the public schools want? Apparently Mr. Baird doesn't want this. The way Mr. Baird has handled these parental complaints is to tell all the students not to complain to their parents. It would seem to me that Mr. Baird would just prefer to believe that all is well in his little Elementary School and not have to worry about any problems that may exist.

In a previous post, I mentioned that if I complain to a public school principal, they may or may not fix the problem. It would seem to me that not fixing the problem is exactly what happens at the public school that my children attend. Now, if I were to complain to a private school principal and he doesn't do something that I deem satisfactory, I move my kids to a different private school and that principal sees a direct hit to the bottom line. Is Mr. Baird really going to care if I take my students out of Woods Cross Elementary School? I would argue that he would probably welcome it. If I do that, he doesn't have to deal with bad comments about his behavior on this blog.

I can promise you if I made over $78,000 per year like Richard Baird does, and I didn't take customer complaints seriously, I'd be looking for a new job very soon. Why does that not happen with the public school system?


David said...

So apparently not all our public school employees are poorly paid.

That attitude among some in the public schools is exactly why we need a change like vouchers to shock the public school system out of its complacency.

Anonymous said...

First you may want to check if said private school offers a money back guarantee before you transfer your child to another school. Some don't you know which would leave you with less choice or less money.

Thad said...

Even if I wait until the following year, it still hits the principal in the pocket book. Either way, the principal has to address the complaint or lose money.
The fact is that the public school principal doesn't have to address the complaint and can still retain his job. Something is wrong when an administrator can make over $78,000 per year and not have to address complaints. We wouldn't accept this in any other industry, would we?

Anonymous said...

I am a preschool teacher in Woods Cross and have been getting lost of questions from parents about kindergarten and which schools they should send their children to. I have only lived in Woods Cross for 3 years and my oldest is 3 1/2 so I don't have my finger on the pulse of education in this end of the Davis School District.
What are some of your concerns?
and will you be at the Q & A with Superintendent Bowles on January 24th?