Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Woods Cross Council goofs again!

The Woods Cross City Council made a major blunder, again! At their council meeting on October 2nd, they approved a re-zone request to allow heavy industrial to expand in Woods Cross.
This may seem like a small thing that is isolated to a certain portion of the city, however, in my opinion, it makes a bad statement to all heavy industrial companies in Woods Cross. In the past, the opinion of the Council has been that the City would eventually like to see heavy industrial go away. Probably not tomorrow, but, maybe in 100 years or so. Now the opinion of the majority of the Council seems to be "Let them grow where they want, as long as it's not in my backyard."
I believe that Council member Rick Earnshaw (since he is up for re-election this year) needs to offer an explanation for his vote to allow Heavy Industrial expansion in Woods Cross.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me. The area you are talking about is Heavy Industrial already. I think it is unfair to only tell half of an issue. I believe you are talking about the Sinclair Oil expansion? What else should the City of Woods Cross put there a park? or maybe some luxury condos? This land is not good for anything but the refinery..plus they own the property the city should just be glad that they asked for the zoning....In the Republican way of thought you should have less government telling you what you can do with your property.and if being a good nieghbor to NSL who cares I mean they are building slot machines just to the south of 2600 South. I remember a council that you sat on approved a new subdivision by a Refinery...oh and it has caught on fire 3 or 4 times in the last three years...that was a blunder or a goof as you say this decision just makes sense.

Thad said...

Not good for anything but the refinery? How about what the General Plan said it was going to be, before this council changed it? I think a Light Industrial park would have fit nicely there. And if you had done your homework, you would have seen that I voted to approve a Light Industrial Park there. If you had done even more of your homework, you would have also seen that when Sinclair bought the property (they haven't always owned it) they told the Planning Commission and the City Council that they wanted the property as a buffer. Expanding on that area does not a make it a very nice buffer.
Now why don't you be a real man and not post anonymously? Anonymous posting is cowardly.

Thad said...

By the way, Mr. Anonymous, I see that you are running a Macintosh at 1280 x 1024 resolution. What do you think about ReadyTek selling out to Digis? Are you getting a better connection now?
Feeling anonymous?

Sheldon S Smith said...

I see you had no comment on the subdivsion. I love my Mac it is the best computer I have ever owned. Thanks for asking..I could careless about all the technical stuff. Council have changed many things over time the needs of the city have changed, if our taxes stay low like they are now and no REAL buisness move here we are in a lot of trouble. Lets face it Sit and Sew and Big Daddy Pizza are not high revenue tax buisnesses. I think a grocery store would be a nice addition to the city but alas we are to slow on the ball NSL is already getting one, yet another loss for Woods Cross. I think we can both agree on this one? I agree I did not know Sinclair bought the property but surely the Planning Commission gave its approval of this long before it went to the council. I just think it is unfair to pick on just one councilmen 3 others sited with him right? And my name is Sheldon S. Smith

Thad said...

Yes, the planning commission approved the rezone request on August 28th by a vote of 3-2. Not an overwhelming majority, is it? Commissioner Westergard and Chairman Hill voted against the rezone. Interestingly, both of them are candidates for City Council.

Thad said...

As far as me being on a previous council that approved a subdivision, yes I was. It's partially my experience with that subdivision that makes me wonder why this was approved. It was required of the developer to put up a berm and a sound wall. Will that be required here? I doubt it.
The city also tried to get information from Sinclair about what was in the storage tanks that are close to the subdivision that was approved. Sinclair would not give the city that information. Now Sinclair wants the city to work with them?