Thursday, January 12, 2006

Commuter Rail needed despite pains

In an article from the Davis County Clipper, it is noted that some residents don't like the idea of commuter rail possibly increasing traffic on 500 South in Woods Cross. I can understand this sentiment. With the recent opening of Costco in West Bountiful, 500 South is a nightmare. I try to avoid it anytime I can. Let me say though, even with the pains that may be associated with commuter rail, such as increased traffic on 500 South and closing a portion of 800 West, we need to have commuter rail put in. The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages that may come.

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Former Centerville Citizen said...

My heck, if I worked in downtown SLC and was looking for a house to purchase in Woods Cross, I would definitely want to buy a house in the neighborhood that's right there by the station. Can you imagine hopping on a form of mass transit that wouldn't have any stops between your house and where you work, but would still go just about as fast as driving to your work, without needing to make any transfers or to use a park and ride lot? That's public transporation at its best. Just think, people living right there by the station site will be able to hop on the train and it will take them right to the fairgrouds, or to the Freeport Center in Clearfield, or to downtown Ogden. And if I-15 is backed up, taking the train to SLC may be faster than taking your car.

Of course commuter rail won't be a godsend for everybody. If you live in the middle of Bountiful and work up at the U, it would be a pain to drive your car to the park and ride lot, wait for the next train, take that down to the hub in SLC, and then wait for TRAX to take you up to campus. Somebody in that situation would be better off just taking bus 55.