Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Make Budgets Easily Available

So I've been looking at Centerville's website and noticed that they make their budget available on-line. What a great idea! The copy of their budget that is there is not current, however, it shows that it is easily doable. I strongly encourage all City Councils in this state to put their city budget in electronic format on their website. What better way to give residents easy access to know what you are spending taxpayer's money on? This is not complicated to do. I know that Woods Cross could do this fairly easily and with little or no additional cost. The City Council approved buying a printer which includes a scanner for the City Administrator on November 1st, 2005. With this scanner, the City Administrator should easily be able to scan in the current city budget and put it on the website. This would give easy access to many residents who have no idea where their tax money is spent.
Speaking of updating the website...
I noticed on the Woods Cross City website, it says to contact Janet at jbeecher@woodscross.com if you need a copy of the minutes prior to those listed on the minutes archive page. Janet Beecher passed away from cancer more than a year ago.

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Thad said...

I'm glad to see somebody from Woods Cross City reads this blog. They changed the e-mail link on the minutes archive page. Good for them.