Thursday, January 12, 2006

For Woods Cross history, contact...

For Woods Cross history, apparently the person to contact is Jennifer Decker. In an article from Tuesday's Davis County Clipper she notes how former Council Member Darin Hicks served on the board of the Wasatch Integrated Waste District. This is interesting given the fact that she didn't live in Woods Cross at the time that he served on that board. I'm glad to see that she was so interested in Woods Cross Politics even before she moved into our fine city. Another interesting note is that at the time that Mr. Hicks served on that board, it wasn't unusual for a city to have a council member appointed to that particular board. The first time that Jerry Larrabee was appointed to serve on that board was due to a letter from the Wasatch Integrated Waste District stating that they would like to have the mayors of the cities serve on their board.
Another quote from the article is Ms. Decker saying Rick Earnshaw "had such depth of experience." I guess Ms. Decker should be glad that "depth of experience" was not a requirement when she was appointed to the council. There were other people that applied that had much more "depth of experience."

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