Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What should require a conditional use permit?

So on the agenda for tonight's Planning Commission meeting is a Conditional Use Request for Pacific Painting to be located at 1569 West 2225 South. Due to this being in the Skypark Industrial area, it requires Planning Commission approval. So my question is this, what businesses should be required to get a conditional use permit and in what areas? I know you can rarely apply one standard to an entire city when it comes to land use. It seems to me, however, that requiring nearly every small business to go before the Planning Commission for approval makes our city appear to be against small businesses. Unfortunately, in the past, the conditional use permits in Woods Cross have been used to scare businesses into doing what the city wants them to do. For example, in nearly every conditional use permit issued in Woods Cross there is a condition that there be no outside storage. Now, in most cases I can understand this need, however, to put it on every conditional use permit seems extreme.

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