Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My New Years resolution...

This blog has not gotten a lot of attention from me in the past. I hope to change that now that I have more time. I really like the Centerville Citizen blog. I hope to make this blog more like that one.

Six months ago I would tell people that I would probably run again when my kids are older. After going through this last election cycle, however, I can say now that I'm turned off from politics. It has been amazing to me to see how people can act towards you when you disagree with them publicly on policy issues. The animosity has been frightening. For the most part I enjoyed the one term that I served on the council. One of the happiest times of my life this past year has been leaving the City Council. ALL the decisions I made because I felt I was doing what was best for the residents of Woods Cross.

I really wonder how many Woods Cross residents know that Mayor Larrabee received a stipend for being on various boards such as the Wasatch Integrated Waste District Board. I also didn't realize that Don Moore received a stipend for being on the Davis County Mosquito Abatement Board, albeit a smaller amount than the previously mentioned board.

To the current City Council:
May I remind you that yes the city of Woods Cross has some of the lowest taxes and fees in Davis County, however, they are not the lowest without a lot of hard work. Previous city leaders (before all of you) made decisions that would keep these taxes and fees low. The taxes and fees will not stay low if all you do is toot your own horn about how low they are! You must also work to keep them the lowest.

To my fellow citizens of Woods Cross:
Be involved in the political process. Don't believe everything you hear, no matter who you hear it from without doing your own research. You will have people tell you that the city is in great shape financially. Is it? Would it be if Menlove Dodge moved to Bountiful? What has the city done to make sure it always remains in great shape financially?

We should never just sit back and say all is well in our little community. The moment we do, things will not be well and we won't know it!

Thank you to those who elected me to serve our great city. I never took lightly the trust you put in me.

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