Thursday, January 05, 2006

Revenge is sweet...

Or is it? Some of the current council members believe that Mayor Parry intentionally deceived people to get elected to office. Due to this belief, it would appear that they are intent on getting revenge. At the City Council meeting held on Tuesday the council didn't appoint Mayor Parry to represent the city on any board. This despite the fact that Mayor Larrabee served on at least three boards while he was mayor. It looks like a majority of the citizens of Woods Cross feel like Kent Parry would do a good job to represent the city as Mayor, but, the council feels like he shouldn't represent the city as a board member.

I've also found out that they decided not to remove Jerry Larrabee from the South Davis Recreation District Board. I wish now that I had made a big deal about the appointment going beyond the end of Jerry's term. Since he gave his word that he would resign from the South Davis Metro Fire District Board if he wasn't re-elected, I assumed that he would do the same for the Recreation Board. I personally feel like the Woods Cross representative on the Recreation Board should be a Woods Cross elected official.

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